ÈTA Transitions

The objective of ÈTA Transitions is, the development of a modular prototype hybrid plug-in marine propulsion that achieves up to 50% CO2 reduction. The more efficient regulation of fuel consumption and various connections to green fuels are inextricably linked in this project and will be tested and monitored under representative circumstances and conditions. Such a sustainable drive concept is completely new to the market, which is why ÈTA Transitions will develop completely new components and drive principles.

Our project is very important because it contributes to making maritime shipping more sustainable. ÈTA Transitions supervises the concrete application of various green fuels such as combined electric drives and drives based on hydrogen, methane, or ammonia in new ships as well as in existing ships. This project makes a direct contribution to efficient fuel consumption, which results in a further CO2 reduction. Maritime shipping has to make the step towards sustainability and is awaiting an affordable and efficient solution. This must ensure that fuel consumption is reduced and alternative green fuels can be used.