Rivermaas is a specialist in maritime investment and management. As an innovative Dutch shipping company, they focus on investing in coastal vessels for a relatively small network of committed investors who have an affinity with shipping. 

Rivermaas was founded in 2010 and is now already involved in the investment in 24 coastal vessels. For 5 vessels the technical management is provided by themselves. Besides having decades of experience in the field of coastal shipping, Rivermaas can be called an innovative company in the usually traditional world of shipping due to its vision. 

The ambition and goals of Rivermaas fit in nicely with our own and this is why our cooperation was inevitable!

In order to overcome today’s challenges in an ever-changing maritime environment, ÈTA Shipping and Rivermaas work together with various partners to bring the required zero and efficient and minimal emission multi-purpose vessels from drawing board to reality. Our concept is based on the already developed  ÈTA 6700. 

We are looking forward to our cooperation and our future developments!