Earthday today and our Maritiem Nederland article

Published: 22-04-2020

Today we celebrate the 50th edition of Earthday! Traditionally, today we consider our impact on the Earth, the climate and how we can protect it.

On this day, it is therefore very appropriate to share with you the interview with our Founding Director Sam Gombra for ‘Maritiem Nederland’. This will give you clear insights of the background, activities and goals of ÈTA Shipping:

Sustainable through efficiency!

In the section ‘KVNR member speaks’ of ‘Maritiem Nederland’, a shipping company that is affiliated with the Royal Association of Dutch Shipowners speaks every month. Sam Gombra (ex-ForestWave Navigation) has founded a new shipping company: Èta Shipping, after the Greek letter used as a symbol for the efficiency coefficient. He wants to build six advanced 6700 dwt shortsea vessels that will sail with a crew of four.