Impressive energy storage!

Published: 16-10-2020

Last week, Sam Gombra, Walter Van Gruijthuijsen and Henk Jonker (Rivermaas) had a meeting with CEO Peter Bijvelds at Ebusco in Deurne in the Netherlands.
Peter Bijvelds introduced Ebusco and gave a tour at the factory to see the modern and high qualified full electric busses in production.

Ebusco’s goal is to make clean, silent and emission-free public transport available to everyone.

Now Ebusco has initiated a solution to bring their technology to the maritime industry as well!

Peter Bijvelds introduced the MEC: Maritime Energy Container;
A 20FT ISO container with a impressive storage capacity of 2.9MWh!
This kind of energy compactness will make it feasible to store electric power sufficiënt enough in order to sail realistic distances on short coastal trades in Europe.

A very interesting development!

ÈTA Shipping and Marvox will investigate the possibility to apply this within the ÈTA Transitions Project.

This will certainly contribute to our development of a modular prototype hybrid plug-in marine propulsion system that achieves possibly even 100% CO2 reduction.