Our visit to the eConowind factory

Published: 01-10-2020

During our journey towards building a new ship for a new future and our feasibility study on plug-in hybrid marine propulsion systems, we visited Frank Nieuwenhuis in the eConowind factory as well in Zeewolde last week!

eConowind offers and provides wind assisted propulsion to seagoing ships. Ventifoils can be containerized inside a 40ft container or fixed to a vessel so the size of the foils are not limited to container dimensions. The Ventifoil is a wing-shaped element using modern innovations in aerodynamics creating high propelling force relative to its size. Smart suction is integrated in the wing, resulting in double the force of the Ventifoil, while reefing when needed.

We had the opportunity to view and discuss various ventifoils during our visit.

It may be interesting for us to jointly explore the possibilities of a further reduction of the energy requirement on board. Certainly in combination with full electric sailing, Ventifoils would be a perfect answer to extend the range of a full electric solution.

To be continued…. !