ÈTA Shipping and TechBinder set on a joint strategic partnership to drive maritime efficiency

Published: 08-09-2022

Left to right: Bram van der Boom, Sam Gombra, Walter van Gruijthuijsen.


Leeuwarden, September 8, 2022


Today ÈTA Shipping and TechBinder announce a new strategic partnership to further develop the Smart Vessel Optimizer and bring ÈTA Shipping’s maritime operation to the next level. The two companies have been working together for several years. Where previously the collaboration was focused on designing the Smart Vessel Optimizer, the collaboration has been intensified to further develop and shape the product specically for the customers of ÈTA Shipping. The goal is to maximize the benefit for ÈTA Shipping’s operation and value chain using digital technology. 

In 2023, the ÈTA 6700 will be launched with a full stack Smart Vessel Optimizer application embedded . By streamlining the engineering of the vessel with setting up the Smart Vessel Optimizer, ÈTA Shipping and TechBinder can maximize the value created for ÈTA Shipping’s operation. Allowing for a continuous improvement loop where technical and operational decisions can be validated and ÈTA Shipping is able to continuously optimize their operations from day one. Not only creating a new ship for the future but as well rethink the way these vessels are operated.

Making better choices

By automatically keeping track of key performance indicators and validating changes in operation/technical design, ÈTA Shipping will be able to determine the impact of their decisions and compare vessel and asset performance over time. Now ÈTA Shipping is able to continuously improve its operations and technical configuration validated by accurate performance information coming from the vessels.  Information that is easily shared with ÈTA Shipping’s value chain in such a way that suppliers, customers and other stakeholders can optimize their way of working with ÈTA Shipping’s operation as well.


Sustainable through efficiency

Today's cargo ships have an average lifespan of thirty years. In these thirty years, many innovations can take place. Unfortunately, because existing ships usually have a fixed construction, it is not possible for them to implement these innovations. The industry's ambition is to be climate neutral in thirty years. By entering into this partnership, ÈTA Shipping has the opportunity to directly analyze the technical developments and to develop them further each time. This is a major step towards the ambition of being climate neutral with all cargo ships within thirty years.  


About ÈTA Shipping

ÈTA Shipping's mission is to reduce harmful emissions significantly, increase safety and efficiency at sea by using data and modern technologies with the possibility of integrating shipping into transport chain algorithms, which will make the sea transport chain much more efficient through reducing energy consumption and operational costs. Smaller footprint, better results and returns: Sustainable through efficiency!


About Smart Vessel Optimizer

Smart Vessel Optimizer gives maritime operators a detailed overview of their vessel's performance and highlights areas of improvement throughout the whole fleet and value chain. Using predominantly data that is already produced throughout the vessels operation within its different assets. The solution is easily deployed and brings insights to operations that support decision-making throughout the value chain. Created on top of a world-leading industrial IoT platform the team of TechBinder took many learnings from other industries and embedded that within their maritime solution. By combining the skills and knowledge of different technical partners the solution is continuously improved and globally serviced.