We will start as a launching client for Westray!

Published: 08-12-2020

Westray’s goal is to achieve a safer and more cost & energy efficient future within the maritime industry with its ‘Virtual Watchkeeper’: The Galene. 

The Galene is an intelligent bridge watch assistance system and will form a valuable new tool for the Officer of the Watch (OOW), by complementing existing bridge equipment with Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and sensor fusion, maximizing focus of the OOW reducing the risk and increasing efficiency.


It is Westray's vision to make every ship smart by 2025. By applying AI supported awareness and navigation, they have vast opportunities to raise the level of safety and efficiency in maritime operations, supporting sustainable transport and enhancing the officers' abilities at sea.


More info on: Virtual Watchkeeper


Westray’s beautiful technology and current developments are in line with our philosophy. We are therefore very pleased to continue to think along in the development of this system! We will start with a test setup of the system on one of the ships of Rivermaas.

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