Sustainable shipping

The future of the maritime industry

Sustainable shipping at ÈTA: our mission.

ÈTA stands for efficiency and that is exactly how we will achieve sustainable shipping in the maritime industry. A high level of efficiency provides us with a tool to reduce the harmful emissions in the maritime industry. With the help of data and modern technology, we will create a clear path to sustainable shipping and increase the safety and efficiency at sea at the same time. To reach our goals, we want to reduce both energy consumption and operational costs. This results in a smaller footprint, better results and more returns. This makes sustainable shipping all the more attractive.

Help achieve our mission

A sustainable future? We are in this together!

Together with our team and partners, we will achieve our common goals. That is why most of our employees are also shareholders. This allows us to encourage them to achieve their own personal goals and ambitions whilst simultaneously helping ÈTA Shipping promote the concept of sustainable shipping. We are in this together and we will make shipping more efficient and therefore more sustainable!

Be more sustainable!

Concrete ways to achieve sustainable shipping

One of the ways we will achieve sustainable shipping is by introducing and using alternative fuels. Through modular ship design and highly integrated efficiency we will also minimize fuel consumption. The easily adaptable machinery makes this an attractive investment for maritime businesses. Using these alternative fuel methods and offering extra ‘green’ options like a plug-in power source is how we make sure that a ship can enter the port or lie at the dock emission-free.

Another way is to reduce energy and predictable maintenance. We achieve this by introducing autonomous operation processes and by creating a simpler energy room without a main engine, but with an electric motor.

Are you future-proof?

We are here to assist you during your transition and to help you get ready for a sustainable maritime future! Contact us to learn more about our possibilities.