SWZ Maritime

Published: 05-10-2021

Earlier this year, Sam Gombra and Walter van Gruijthuijsen were interviewed by Björn von Ubisch for an article in SWZ Maritime – a renowned magazine that keeps members of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Vereniging van Technici op Scheepvaartgebied (KNVTS) informed about all technological developments in the maritime industry. The latest issue of the magazine contains an in-depth article about the technical specifications of the ÈTA 6700 – ÈTA Shipping's launching project.

The article highlights several unique features of the ÈTA 6700, such as the modular machinery systems and the propulsion arrangements, as well as the accommodation. Through advanced levels of digitalisation and automation, the ÈTA 6700 is able to sail with a reduced crew. "The ÈTA 6700 has room for eight people, but the goal is to sail with a crew of only four”. As such, ÈTA Shipping ensures their vision - ‘sustainable through efficiency’.

Please click here to read the full article in SWZ Maritime.